Girls Football Trebles in Size!

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On Sunday we were delighted to see our three girls teams play their league matches on our home pitches at Adastra Park, all proud to be representing Hassocks Juniors FC. 

It started from one young woman less than 2 years ago playing for one of the Hassocks boys team but wanted to be in an all girl squad. As there were no all girls sides in Hassocks she along with her Dad decided to start a team!

From that day it has grown to three squads. Today we have an under 14s side who are going from strength to strength showing exceptional skill and pace! The Under 13s who have gone from a development squad to now really showing their skill and commitment. The under 11s have proven their skill and are full of excitement! They are the newest team of the three!
There is a real energy and buzz around the girls teams and we are excited to see how it will continue to grow and develop.

Well done girls and their brilliant coaches! A big thank you also to the club for their fantastic support.

If you have an enquiry about girls football please do contact the club for further details.