Club Chairman – Jason Roberts

I have been Managing at the club since 2011. I took the now traditional route into youth football, of someone in their late thirties utilising their child’s love of the game to live out their football Managerial fantasies. There was an early realisation that this would not end up with me leading England to World Cup glory, but by then I had been bitten by the bug and there was no turning back. My current side are now under 14, and playing in the Sussex Sunday League Division 4, and I could not be prouder of how they have developed, and their undying enthusiasm for football.
I moved into the Chairman’s role in 2018 having been fixture secretary for 5 years, while learning about running a club from the master that was Nick Palmer, who was the previous Club Secretary.
I have managed both elite and development teams in my time at the club, and I feel I have a good understanding of the unique challenges for managers and player across the spectrum of abilities. This has given me the commitment to ensure Hassocks Junior F.C. provides football for everyone, in a safe, well equipped environment, where players feel comfortable and can develop at whatever pace suits them.
For many of the players, parents and Managers their time involved with Hassocks Juniors is one of the absolute highlight’s of their week. It is the job of the people who run the club to ensure that this remains the case for those currently involved, and that we are well set to be the highlight of the week for the next generation.